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By gregebersole

February 11, 2012

Category: Travel

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We haven’t had internet in our house for about 3 days. It’s interesting how much I use it. Now, I’m realizing that. Today, I went to the Juan Valdez Cafe shop in the Unicentro mall to do some work. I like the atmosphere for people watching, drinking good cafe and the chocolate cookie or “cinnamon” roll with canela. I trying to select the photos for the upcoming photography exhibit in May. I will probably have 25 to 30 large photos on display at the Cali library. The photos are from the project that Juan Carlos and I are working on. There may also be a book down the road a ways, featuring photos along with some of the history of the village, Bocas del Palo. This is a photo of a couple of girls in the library van that comes to town every so often.

Yesterday, I waited 2 hours for my dentist appointment. I watched a little tv and heard the woman patient, crying and yelling in pain every so often. It was a little unsettling. The dental assistant apologized for the delay. He then sat and talked with me for an hour. He said my Spanish was very good. He said not to worry and that I will have very good pain killer. We later decided to change my appointment for next Monday. I will have three one hour appointments next week to do a root canal and also to re-do the filling on top, I think.

Since I’m not taking any classes now, I have more time on my hands. It gives me too much time to think. Sometimes, I wonder about staying in Colombia. I wonder what to do with the rest of my life. I keep thinking that I really want a small house in Arizona near my son, where I can keep my stuff that I have in storage, and also a place to live part of the year when I’m not in Colombia or elsewhere.


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